"The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing"
- Albert Einstein

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Green Beginnings Child Centres and   Kindergartens

Green Beginnings Child Centres have been designed by experienced Early Childhood professionals who respect young children and their right to a childhood full of joy, beauty,wonder, love and friendships. Our Educational team have designed a space that connects people to each other, to their community, to the natural world, to history, to thought and investigations into deeper understandings of everything wihin our world. 

We know children learn best when they feel welcome, when they are free to share their thoughts and questions in a space that embraces them, and when they are truly supported and loved for who they are and everything they bring.  This is why "Relationships"  - with people, places, things -  are at the core of our beliefs and practice. 

An inspirational place to share knowlege

Situated on either side of lovely Lake Kawana, Green Beginnings Child Centres are a private, family owned service, which caters for the holisitc needs of children. OUr centres have a strong commitment to children, families and the community, and the history of our land.

Green Beginnings provides children with opportunities for rich learning and relationship building through play and in-depth curriculum investigations. Children are seen as enormously creative, and capable of complex learning through self-directed, and teacher facilitated play. Children are active participants in our community and are respected for their rights as citizens.

Children and teachers construct the centre's curriculum together, based on observations and discussions with children about their curiosities of the world.