About Green Beginnings Child Centre and Kindy 

Is about the holistic education of our children – the mind, the body and the soul.

Our service has been designed with children, families, community, the natural world, and sustainability in mind.


We strive to offer a warm environment - one that instantly says “you are welcome here”.   Most families and visitors who attend our services often compliment the aesthetics and postive energy - it is something we are very proud of.

Green Beginnings values children for their capabilities and competency as learners within supportive partnership with families and Educators, within the local community.  Our shared multi -age outdoor and indoor play spaces welcome relationship building amongst old and young who attend. Children are often seen spending time with their siblings or other friends from other rooms throughout this space- something we value and encourage for its rich social and emotional experience.

Each of our rooms has an art studio (or atelier as described by our influences in Reggio Emilia). This space is like a workshop for building knowledge, tinkering with ideas, and expressing thoughts.  Here children are encouraged to let their feelings guide their imagination and creativity. These studios are equipped with resources and materials that allow and encourage creative expression - clay, paint, sculpting wire, recycled materials; charcoal, dried leaves, twigs, flowers, twine, tape, seeds, beans, fabric, funnels and lots of other loose parts.

We believe our outdoor and indoor play spaces capture all things natural, sensorial, meaningful, real and authentic.  Our outdoor play space environment is seen as our PIAZZA ... a large central area of our services designed for those within it to meet, to interact, to share stories, to engage. A space that supports the formation of relationships. 

Our buildings are designed to capitalize on the lake breeze and offer cooling through cross ventilation from louvres, French doors and a plentitude of windows. These windows also offer natural light which reduces the use of fluorescent lights and positively contributes to our environment and a sustainable future.

The furniture within our environments is mostly pre-loved - either sourced from Gumtree, ebay, recycling centres or secondhand stores. As stated earlier, we aim to achieve a sense of warmth, as well as reduce consumerism.  We strive to place natural, wooden rustic type pieces in our play spaces. Our Educators have made many pieces from upcycled tv cabinets, wooden pallets and treasures given to us from families. We are regular viewers of Pinterest :0).

Green Beginnings Child Centre values the power of nature and its ability to inspire and teach children. We have used this belief to shape an environment that makes sure children at Green Beginnings are surrounded and immersed in earthy, homely influences, filled with beauty, varying in textures, shapes, spaces and levels. Children are encouraged to explore, investigate, ponder, create, imagine, and wonder as they smell, touch, listen to and taste everything that is real in the world around them.

Great attention is given to the look and feel of our classrooms - it is often referred to as the "third teacher". Aesthetic beauty is seen to us as an important part of respecting our children and their learning environment. Green Beginnings Child Centre strongly believes in the power of nature to inspire and teach children.

Children have wonderful opportunities to participate in a range of different cooking experiences that give opportunities for children to taste, smell and feel ingredients in our Kids Kitchen.  Where possible we harvest produce from our vegetable garden for these experiences

Spaces indoor and outside are designed for large group, small group and individual experiences.  Our outdoor play space area per child is approximately double that required per the regulatory stipulation.

Children have access to mini art studios (arteliers) that house clay, non-toxic paints, as well as natural materials such as shells, seeds, bark, and leaves as well as recycled materials like spools and tubes. There is a kitchen demonstration area for daily cooking experiences, worm farms, organic vegetable gardens, a wooden climbing wall, dry rock quarry, bamboo huts, large sandpit with water pump, cobbled bike paths, and quiet leafy areas to sit with a book, puppet or friend - all surrounded by a natural turf playground.


Green Beginnings Child Centre and Kindy sees the years prior to school as a critical period of the child’s life for establishing the basis of their future learning and development. We want children to “love learning”. We will draw our pedagogical practises from The National Early Years Learning Framework and The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline. We  inspired by theories and philosophies from the educational minds of experts in the early childhood field such as John Dewey, Maria Montessori, Vygotsky, Jerome Bruner, and more significantly Reggio Emilia.

Green Beginnings provides children with opportunities for rich learning and relationship building through play and in-depth curriculum investigations. Children are seen as enormously creative, and capable of complex learning through self-directed play. Children and teachers will construct the centre's curriculum together, based on observations and discussions with children about their curiosities of the world.

Educators at Green Beginnings Child Centre are qualified and experienced in delivering a high quality program for your children. We have at least three university trained teachers on board every day, who collaboration with other relevantly trained support team members to ensure your children are receiving the best possible learning and care. The educators and teachers at Green Beginnings are seen as partners, nurturers and guides in your child’s learning and understandings. Green Beginnings staff recognise and value children as individuals, and as members within families, cultures and communities – all which bring diverse life experiences.

Green Beginnings teachers are committed to sharing children’s learning with parents and the community. We believe a team approach in our care giving and teaching promotes the best outcomes for children’s learning, and we strive for collaboration and open communication with children, families, Early Childhood support professionals, and the wider community.


Green Beginnings Kindy is within the grounds of the centre and provides a program dedicated to the year prior to school. This program runs from 9.00am - 2.30pm, Monday to Friday with the option of placing your child in a two day group, three day group, or have them attend for all five days.

Our Kindy and Pre-Kindy is led by University-Trained Early Childhood Teachers within a team of Educators who hold two of more years of training. Green Beginnings Kindy offers parents before and after Kindy session care. This means that you are getting an excellent educational program for your Kindy children, flexibility with your pick up time and, if entitled, relevant government rebates.

Reconnecting children with the natural world hopefully creates a future generation that values and preserves nature.

We hope you come along and join us xxxx