Our Educators


We believe in hiring Educators that are professional, skilled, knowledgeable, passionate and creative. Our staff are strong advocates for children and families.

Educators at Green Beginnings Child Centre are skilled, qualified and experienced in delivering a high quality program for your children. We have at least two university trained teachers on board every day, in collaboration with other relevantly trained support team members to ensure your children are receiving the best possible learning and care.Our support Educators hold a Diploma or above and one third are studying towards a University degree.

The educators and teachers at Green Beginnings are seen as partners, nurturers and guides in your child’s learning and understandings. Green Beginnings staff recognise and value children as individuals, and as members within families, cultures and communities – all which bring diverse life experiences.


Green Beginnings teachers are committed to sharing children’s learning with parents and the community. We believe a team approach in our care giving and teaching promotes the best outcomes for children’s learning, and we strive for collaboration and open communication with children, families, Early Childhood support professionals, and the wider community. We meet on a regular basis to discuss, plan and reflect on our own work, as well as the work of the children.

The Educators at Green Beginnings are considered as co-learners and collaborators with your child in their learning journey. Educators at Green Beginnings facilitate your child's learning by planning activities and experiences based on your child's interests, and what is meaningful to them at the time.

Our Educators take what children have to say seriously! Listening and engaging in dialogue with children is at the heart of our Educators’ role.

“Children speak to us even when they don’t speak” (Carlina Rinaldi)

These dialogues are recorded and documented as the centres and the child’s “Images of Learning “.

Professional Development

Ongoing education, research and professional development within the field of early childhood Education is considered highly important to the quality of care we provide your children. Throughout each year our staff attend workshops and conferences to further our knowledge about children their learning, and keep us inspired.

Green Beginnings has been built in accordance with the new National Quality Standards. Our Educator to child ratios is as shown below:

Age Group Educator to Child Ratio Timeframe for Compliance
Birth to 24 months 1:4 1 January 2012
25 to 35 months 1:5 1 January 2016
36 months to school age 1:11 1 January 2016

Taken from the” National Quality Standard for Early Childhood Education and Care and School Age Care” page 19

The new National Quality Standard also details Educator Qualification Requirements as written below:

Number of Children in
Qualified Educator Requirements Timeframe for
Over 80 Children

50% of educators have (or are actively working towards) a Diploma level ECEC qualification or above
Other Educators have (or are actively working towards) a certificate III level ECEC qualification

An Early Childhood Teacher is in attendance at the service whenever the service is being provided to 26 children or more.

A second Early Childhood Teacher or another suitably qualified leader is in attendance at the service for at least the time the service is being provided to 60 to 80 children, and once there are more than 80 children, the teacher needs to be there whenever the service is being provided.

1 Jan

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1 Jan

Taken from the” National Quality Standard for Early Childhood Education and Care and School Age Care” , page 20

Green Beginnings are advocates of the new Quality Standards and operate according to these recommendations/standards ahead of compliance timeframes.