Children's Programs

Green Beginnings Child Centre and Kindy sees the years prior to school as a critical period of the child’s life for establishing the basis of their future learning and development.

The educational program and practice of Green Beginnings Child Centre and Kindergarten is built upon knowledge of each individual child, their interests and unique qualities. Using an emergent, play based curriculum educators observe and listen closely to children and families to gain an understanding of current interests and abilities of children.  Curriculum practices are based on well informed decisions designed to enhance holistic learning.

Green Beginnings provides children with opportunities for rich learning and relationship building through play and in-depth curriculum investigations. Children are seen as enormously creative, and capable of complex learning through self-directed play. Children and teachers construct the centre's curriculum together, based on observations and discussions with children about their curiosities of the world.

We want children to “love learning”.

Curriculum and progams are also guided and inspired by research, philosophies and theories that support quality practice. Or service is inspired by the recent and past educational minds of experts in the early childhood field such as Claire Warden,  Richar Louv, Jerome Bruner, John Dewey,  Alfie Kohn, Dr Louise Porter and most significantly Loris Malaguzzi  and Reggio Emilia Appoach.

Our pedagogical practises also make links to The National Early Years Learning Framework and The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline.