Welcome to Green Beginnings Kindergarten, where we value your child as a unique individual with their own distinct learning style.
• At Green Beginnings Kindy we view parents as partners in each child’s learning journey.
• We believe that play is essential to early learning and that play enables children to make sense of their world as they engage in meaningful interactions with people objects and representations.
The Kindy program is provided by a University trained teacher with a degree in Early Childhood and assistant educators all of whom possess relevant qualifications and extensive experience. The Kindy program will run from 9am -2.30pm Monday to Friday. Before and after session care is also provided. The program will follow the Qld. Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.
Our program will; use intentional teaching practices to support children’s learning through play,recognize that all children are competent and capable and provide a wide range of opportunities for learning in both an indoor and outdoor environment. We provide for extended periods of play to ensure that children are unhurried and have a balance of quiet, active, individual and collaborative experiences.

Staff will use the following techniques when working with children to facilitate their learning through play; modelling, negotiating, providing for choice, questioning, researching, revisiting & revising and scaffolding.
Our curriculum is developed collaboratively with children as they actively seek to build understanding through their natural curiosity and wonder.

Rest, Relaxation and Sleep

It is our belief that it is important for children to have opportuniites for rest and relaxation throughout the day. Yoga and relaxation will be provided for the children on a weekly basis and a restful atmosphere will be created within the room enabling children to relax quietly on Kindy beds for a short period each day.

Role of Families

The parent is considered the child's first teacher and therefore worthy of respect, inclusion and involvement,  Families are welcomed at any time and some ways in which parents can participate in our program include attending calendar events, assisting with excursions,sharing special talents with your child's class for example playing a musical instrument, gardening, supporting classroom projects, building partnerships with staff or by joining your child for a day of fun and learning at Kindy.

We look forward to developing a close relationship with your family during your child's learning journey.