Our Educators

Educators at Green Beginnings Child Centre are qualified and experienced in delivering a high quality program for your children. We have at least three university trained teachers at our service every day, who in collaboration with other relevantly trained support teams ensure your children are receiving the best possible learning and care.
Our Toddler educators are specifically trained to support children under three. Our toddler play spaces accommodate up to 15 little friends on one day, and are guided by 3 Educators.
* Lead Educator  (University trained or holding an Advanced Diploma, or Diploma)
*Support Lead Educator ( Diploma trained)
*Assistant Educator ( Diploma or Certificte 3)
Our Early Childhood Educators are seen as partners, nurturers and guides in your child’s learning and understandings.
Green Beginnings staff recognises and value children as individuals, and as members within families, cultures and communities – all which bring diverse life experiences.
We would love you to join our Family too.

Planning for Toddlers

Children from birth to three make sense of their world best through sensorial experiences, physical activity, and strong attachments and relationships in supportive surrounds.  
Our toddler environments respond to the developmental growth, changing interest and individual abilities of children. 
Our play space resembles that of a home - one that is comfortable, soft and inviting. To promote this we provide a rich environment using colours, natural materials, wind chimes, pillows, rugs, pot plants, flowers, family photos, fabrics and mirrors.


We also know that toddlers, feel, touch, smell, taste, and listen to things placed in their play spaces and encourage and provide experiences and materials that offer opportunities to be manipulated in a variety of ways.


Children are open to make their own choices and we support the holistic nature of their play, while building positive relationships with peers and educators who care for them in a supportive environment.