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Boutique style Child Centres                and Kindergartens

Play spaces that embrace nature, stimulate the mind, invite conversations and warm the soul

Our Vision

Green Beginnings Child Centres and Kindergartens are family owned early childhood services, supporting children and families within our community for almost 13 years. We are situated on either side of beautiful Lake Kawana. Our newest Green Beginnings is in the early design stages and located at the new Bokarina Beach development. We work alongside children and families of little people from 18 months to kindergarten age.

Green Beginnings Child Centres have been designed by experienced Early Childhood professionals, who respect young children and acknowledge their right to a childhood full of joy, beauty, wonder, love and friendships. Our services are inspired by, and actively incorporate the principles of the Reggio Emilia Educational Project and Nature Play Theory. These principles guide our everyday practices and along with research are used to shape our own unique vision and philosophy. One that is perfect for us.

Our vision sees children as being capable and competent and values their rights to be heard, their rights to be different, their rights to be loved, and their rights to peace.

We appreciate and pay respect to the natural world, the land, its history, the connectedness we have to life (the animals, people, and plants), and to the relationships that evolve as a result. We use this image and view as a basis for a curriculum that emerges from ideas, wonders, thoughts, questions and interactions. Whether we share the same thoughts as each other or not, our play spaces are a safe place for diverse and shared meaning.

Green Beginnings appreciate the bonds children have with their family, and the valuable learning that can occur when we show connections between home, our play spaces and the wider community. 


"Relationships" (with people, places, things), and being strong advocates for "The rights of the Child" are at the core of our beliefs and very much embedded in our practice. 

Most importantly we know children learn best when they feel welcome, when they are respected and when they feel safe and loved.  


Children are respected here for being our youngest citizens... with rights and a voice. They are valued as active participants within our community.


Parents and families are valued for their  traditions, and connections and their  hopes and dreams for their children.​ We view parents as partners in their child's learning journey.


We connect with people young and old and hope to form strong partnerships with our local community. These partnerships enrich and support the learning that takes place within our environment and creates pathways for our littlest citizens to make valuable contributions to the wider world. 


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