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Our Play Spaces

Sportsmans Parade 

118 sportsmans Parade, Bokarina

phone 5437 8401

Our Sportsmans Parade service is our very first Green Beginnings, operating for 13 years...our first baby if you like. Our "Sportsmans" play space is located opposite the Kawana Farmers Markets (on Saturdays) and is across the road from the Kawana Waters State College.

Many of our educators at Sportsmans have been with us for over 8 years. It is well known for its experienced (older ...shhh don't tell them I said this) staff, sense of community and strong support for, and connection to families. Their massive efforts in fundraising for charities each year is something they should be very proud of. Sportsmans is also home to our resident chickens.  Our Sportsmans parade service is within walking distance to the community gardens down the road, the community centre next door (where children's concerts are held each year)  and the beautiful Lake Kawana (in our backyard). Our educational team here have a very special can feel it as soon as you enter the door and it filters through to the children and the play space. Sportsmans teachers have a strong interest in and are advocates for children's health and emotional well being. This service is lucky to have a qualified children's yoga instructor on site most days. The team at Sportmans bring many talents to the space which they generously share with the children. Whether it be the way they embrace children's hundred languages,  expertly make children's learning visible or fill the corridors with the sound of music. They  demonstrate their passion for early childhood education in many ways.

Green Beginnings Sportsmans Parade is open Monday to Friday (50 weeks of the year) from... 

7.15 am  and closes at 5.45pm

You can contact our Service Co-Directors Rebecca Dunne, Sammy Clark on 54378401 

Innovation Parkway 

9 Innovation Parkway, Birtinya

phone 54378326

Our Innovation Parkway Green Beginnings came along as a result of the growing community and families amazing response to our first child centre. This play space is just over 5 years old and located in a business dominant area, close to the Sunshine Coast hospitals and health precinct.


Our Innovation Parkway service is known for its amazing nature inspired design. The large outdoor play space has a climbing tree, veggie garden, and mud patch with the kindergarten boasting an eye catching indoor atrium. The educators here have been described as the younger of the two centres (don't tell the sportsmans Parade educators), and are equally amazing and well known for their vibrancy and the strong connections they form with children. Our educators here have a passion and eye for creating the most inspiring provocations and extensions of children's interests.

Green Beginnings Innovation Parkway is open Monday to Friday (50 weeks of the year) from... 

6.45 am and closes at 5.45pm (please note the earlier opening time)

You can contact our Service Directors Samantha Lee and Sam Pienaar  (Kindergarten Director) on 54378326

Bokarina Beach 

27 Tailslide Cresent, Bokarina Beach

Our Bokarina Beach Green Beginnings is in the early design stages and will hopefully be coming to you in early 2025. 

This Green Beginnings is our Bok Beach Shack Kindy!! Located approximately a block away from the beach, this 48 place service will be intimate, earthy, and immersed in the community in which it will reside. The developing vibe of the neighbourhood around this site is very exciting and we are very blessed to be a part of it. 


We will keep you posted on news of our Bok Beach Green Beginnings via our social pages. Please contact Narelle or Andrew Whatham (owners and approved providers) if you have any queries or questions 0429685474


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