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Green Beginnings Kindergarten 

Our kindergartens operate within our child centres and run to their own rhythm. Our kindys are very popular within our community because of the high quality of the program they offer, their connections to the community and the dedicated, professional educational team who support learning within these spaces.   

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An approved kindergarten program is:


When you join the Green Beginnings Family, you are always a part of our Green Beginnings Family

When our kindy friends move to school our connections with them stay....we don't just say goodbye and good luck.

Children are invited back the following year (in their school uniform) for an afternoon tea and reunion. We are excited to hear about their continued learning journey and this is a wonderful opportunity for children to catch up with friends who went on to different schools.

We also stay connected to our local schools and support the sharing of information . Our Sportmans Parade kindy regularly visits the prep rooms and school library across the road at Kawana  Waters State College. Even if children are not enrolled at this school the opportunity for children to visit the Prep environment and build a pathway towards positive transitions to the next stage of their educational journey has proven to be beneficial to all. 

Some of our Prep friends are invited back to our kindy play space to talk with the current kindergarten children about the Prep experience. They talk with the kindy children about fears and excitements they had as a kindy person the year before, and share prep related experiences such as their bag, lunch box, and uniform and reading folders. They are also there to answer any questions the kindy friends may have. Some children find the transition to Prep very daunting and the opportunity to share their thoughts and feeling with someone who has just done that very thing, is a very valuable experience for everyone.

We care about helping people and supporting things we believe in

Being part of our kindergarten program means you are part of our larger community. Our inquiries and project work often lead to questions about how the kindy children can help out, and do good things for those who need an extra hand.

Bush fires in our local community and a genuine concern for our koalas and wildlife sparked the idea to  create a market day to  raise funds to  help care for injured animals at our local zoo. 

Another year a child's home art gallery, shared during morning meetings, evoked interest into investigations into art mediums which then led to the planning of a kindy art exhibition. Children's creations were auctioned off (by one of our Dads) and money raised donated to the paediatric ward at the Sunny Coast hospital (the children's choice).  

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" Kindy is about having fun and taking care of people"

Hannah, 4years old


If you have any questions about Green Beginnings Child Centres or our Kindergartens please reach out to us 

Green Beginnings 

Sportsmans Parade

118 Sportsmans Parade,


Tel: 54378401

Green Beginnings

Innovation Parkway

9 Innovation Parkway,


Tel: 54378326 



Andrew and Narelle Whatham 

Owners and Approved Providers

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Mobile - 0419729710

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