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Culture, Vision, Mission  

Children ....


We see children as active participants of our community with the same rights as adults.. Children should be respected for their ideas, their knowledge and their vision for the world they are navigating alongside adults.

We believe children must have a say in the direction of their learning and be given endless ways and opportunities to show us what they know and what they question along the way.

We believe in children’s right to PLAY.

Play should be joyful, exciting, spontaneous, hands-on, challenging, relaxing, comforting and interactive.

We also feel children should be given opportunities build knowledge, to experiment, discover, explore, create, investigate, practice theories, solve problems and express ideas with the support of other children and the adults around them.

We celebrate the construction of knowledge and testing of children's and adults theories and discoveries through documentation that shows the processes that took place, the relationships that were built and the conclusions that were formed. 


Our Community ....

Our community of learners are guided to appreciate, protect and preserve the environment, our precious earth, and peaceful interactions with  both humans, animals and life itself.

Children thrive in an environment of mutually supportive and caring relationships.

For this reason developing a sense of community is something we consider very important. It is also valuable for children to feel part of a wider community that extends beyond the learning environment. As children grow and develop, connections to the outside world help them to find their place in the world, to develop understandings of how society works, and to recognise and understand the shared values that underpin our society.

The role we play is not only for learning formal knowledge by children, but for learning values on which the community itself bases its identity. We hope for children to reflect on the moral aspect of becoming a citizen and a worker in, and of, a society.


We believe an early childhood environment that gives time to all, expects time to be given by all to the society.

We aim to achieve a sense of wonder, feeling and belonging to, and love of the land, nature and animals, so that young children will develop lifelong respectful as well positive and proactive attitudes to our environment and a sustainable future


We believe in nurturing and protecting our most precious gifts – our children and our planet.

We know that children can not form a love for the natural world if they don't have opportunities to interact with it at a personal level  in their every day world. We  promote a nature filled life within our play spaces.

Our Families ....


Parents are viewed as partners, collaborators and advocates for their children. Community and families go hand in hand and are not separate from each other here :) 

​We see families at our service as being part of our overall Green Beginnings Family - we are all here together with a shared love....children. 

Parents’ and extended families differing interests and hobbies are both called upon,  and welcomed for the rich contribution it makes to the children's building of knowledge, skills and attitudes. We encourage and welcome involvement (at your own participation level) in our Green Beginnings Child Centres and Kindergartens this often extends to the wider community and fosters a sense of helping others.

We accept the diverse nature of each family and accept, support and embrace all forms of the word "family" and the differing ways these can be seen and formed in our changing world.


We value and support families’ hopes and dreams for their children and we celebrate these with you


Our Educational team ....

Our Educators are appreciated for their knowledge and values, contribution of skills; their vision for children, their delight in seeing children learning, and their commitment to families

We believe in sharing our vision and passion for excellence in early childhood education with other professionals relevant to the education of young children. 

We strive to keep our Educating team (and they actively as professionals themselves source out information) abreast of current legislative requirements relating to children and their learning environments. We will keep our Educators knowledgeable about Learning Frameworks, National Standards, Early Childhood Code of Ethics, and research that is relevant to ongoing professional development and knowledge. 


We strive to provide our Green Beginnings Teaching Family with ongoing education relating to best practices for children. We are committed to keeping our people inspired.


Our professional environment is one where staff show trust, respect and support to and for each other. Our team are never alone here.

We believe not only in supporting the knowledge based learning of our educators but their well being and heath too.


We celebrate difference. We understand that each person brings with them a different set of skills, passion, strengths and areas of interest, and these are what make a successful and inspiring team. We love this about our team :) 

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